From Edibles to animals: my infographic odyssey
July 30, 2016

From Edibles to animals: my infographic odyssey

For the past ten years, one of my main gigs has been designing food magazines. It has been extremely rewarding—I love doing editorial layout, and over the years more and more of my illustrations and hand-lettering made their way onto the pages. I still design one magazine, Edible Vancouver, because they give me so much leeway to just have fun with it. I have had my own back-page column in the magazine for many years, and have created countless food-based infographics for it.

I'm not sure which part is the most fun—the research, the writing, the illustration or the hand lettering—I enjoy it all. More recently, however, I have shifted my focus to illustrating the thing I love most of all: animals. Now that my days are spent making children's illustrations and pet portraits, I  feel incredibly fortunate to have such a fun job, and thankful for my years of illustration experience. Illustration can be daunting—and the truth is, it takes many years to get to a point where you're happy with what you create. 

The idea of dog breed infographics has crossed my mind a few times over the past couple of years, but I wanted to wait until I felt like I had the time and skill to create exactly what I want. And now, I'm thrilled to share some Berner knowledge with all of you. My Bernese Mountain Dog, Beatrix, is an obvious inspiration, but a few of our Instagram pals make an appearance as well! 

We have this available as a print in several sizes, a pillow, and a tote bag. Now when you're asked about your Burmese, you can shower folks with a whole lotta Berner info!