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About Us

Beatrix & Midge Co is run by two sisters, Bambi & Sienna Edlund, in Vancouver, BC. They share their lives with a menagerie of creatures, each one fluffier and blacker than the next. They often wonder just how much black pet hair they ingest on a daily basis.

Bambi has been drawing animals since she could hold a pencil. She has been a professional illustrator for twelve years, with her work appearing in many publications, including Edible Vancouver, Edible Manhattan, Edible Chicago, Edible Marin & Wine Country, Apple Magazine, Bark Magazine, Seattle Weekly, Stew Magazine, and Yankee Magazine. She recently completed illustrations for a children's book, soon to be published by Annick Press. She lives with the company mascots, an unusually active Bernese Mountain Dog named Beatrix, and a sassy fluffypants cat named Midge. You can catch their latest antics on Instagram.  

Sienna has an extensive background in veterinary medicine, dog training and office management. She keeps the company gears turning, and often helps her sister figure out what's missing when a portrait doesn't look enough like its model. Her pet support team consists of dogs Felix (left) and Audrey (right), and Liz Lemon the cat, who provide comic relief with their keystone cop-like antics. 


Both sisters have a passion for cute and well designed products—their personal art galleries include prints from artists Michael Sowa, the Berkleys, and Rifle Paper Co which serve as their daily inspiration. They are also keen to learn more about dog and cat breeds, and plan to create many infographics teeming with useful (and some not-so-useful) information. They hope you will come along for the journey!


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