Benben tote bag

Benben thinks that this lightweight cotton canvas tote bag is not only stylish, it's also perfect for filling to the very top with tuna. We can't help but agree! All profits from the sale of this tote will be donated to animals in need. Scroll down to read a bit more about Benben, and his mission to raise awareness and funds for local shelters.

• 6 oz, 100% cotton canvas
• 22” dual handles
• Dimensions: 14 ½” x 15 ½”

Meet benben, the (ex-)saddest cat on the internet!

About me

Hi Everyone! My name's BenBen and I'm the saddest cat on the internet... well, not too sad anymore. Over a year ago I was found as a stray in Vancouver and was not doing well. I had many health problems and would need tons of medical follow ups and support. I was going to be euthanized but my hoomans saved me and gave me a loving home! We've been raising awareness and funds for our local shelters since last year and it's been going so wonderful! We believe that every shelter animal deserves a loving home and family!

With help from Beatrix and Midge, we are now able to make BenBen merchandise!!! My cute little face will be on everything and 100% of the profits will go back to our local shelters! We want to be able to keep helping shelters and abandoned fur babies, and with your help we will be able to continue to do so! 

Thanks everyone <3 Hope you enjoy your BenBen stuff!

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