Q. Where can I find square frames to fit my print?

A. Our 12 x 12 print fits perfectly in an IKEA RIBBA 19 3/4 x 19 3/4 frame or an IKEA VIRSERUM 19 3/4 x 19 3/4 frame


Q. What kinds of photos do you need for a custom portrait?

A. You can find info on what we need for photo submissions here. Basically we need at least 5 photos that will show your pet from straight on in a clear, well lit manner.  The more photos the better so if you have already submitted some to us and come across more you can send them any time!


Q. I have multiple pets, can you draw them together? 

A. After a lot of trial and error Bambi has decided that she is only doing the portraits with one animal in each picture at this time. The sizing and shape are really important and they are working well for printing, we don’t want to change that. Plus we like the mugshot feel of them!


Q. If you are located in Canada why are your prices in US dollars, and why do your shipments come from the US?

A. We are located in Vancouver BC, but are excited to use Printful as our printer and drop shipper.  Printful is amazing, they are a small group that do great work, and they are very careful about how they source their products. Because the vast majority of our customers are in the US, it made more sense to make the products someplace more local to them—plus that means we aren’t importing lots of stock, and then sending it back to the US again when it sells. Using a drop-shipping print company made the most sense for us. However, that means possible duty charges for Canadians. Check out our shipping page for more info.


Q. I love Bambi's artwork, where can I find more?

A. Check out her website at www.bambiedlund.com. She also sells prints of her food infographics, at www.edlundink.com. She is about to have a children's book she illustrated published soon as well! Follow her on twitter for updates. 


Q. Can I get a portrait of my pet who is not a cat or dog?

A. Of course! We have already been asked to do portraits of pigs, rabbits and we are hoping for a reptile in the gang too. Bambi is amazing at drawing all animals, however people are just not her thing so we prefer to keep the animals in the spotlight.  Lets face it—they belong there!!