Gotta love a dingo dog.

by Bambi Edlund September 25, 2016

Gotta love a dingo dog.

Friends, allow me to introduce the newest member of our dog infographic pack: the Australian Cattle Dog. Also known as the blue heeler, red heeler, Queensland heeler or just cattle dog, these guys are tough, loyal and just may outlive us all.

Growing up in the country, I knew a few of these dogs: one wild & crazy girl named Izzy who was a loveable nut; and a male named Cactus, whose name suited him perfectly—he was nothing if not bristly. But the heeler closest to my heart is a member of our very own Beatrix & Midge Co team.

Australian Cattle Dog Blue Heeler

Audrey is the result of the break and enter: the blue heeler next door managed to bust his way into the Bernese mountain dog breeder’s place, and made a beeline for an open-for-business Berner girl. Audrey bears a few Berner traits, and has the fancy pants to prove her lineage, but when it comes to personality, she’s a heeler through and through. She is quietly in charge of everyone here (with the exception of Midge, who has the singular power to melt her into a puddle). She is extremely loyal to Sienna, her raison d’être, and is suspicious of anyone coming too close to the house, sending up her dingo warning call.

Naturally, our second infographic had to be about the hardy, healthy and happy heeler, officially named the Australian Cattle Dog—I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed making it. We have it available as a print, a pillow and a handy tote. If you get asked about your ACD a lot, we hope to make life a little easier by giving you something to point to.

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More breed infographics to come!

Bambi Edlund
Bambi Edlund